Why Do People Read Steamy Romance Books?

Romance novels have always been hugely popular amongst avid readers. However, while, once upon a time, people might not have admitted so readily to reading erotica or ‘sexy stories’. Erotic fiction burst out into the mainstream a few years ago. First, in the form of ‘50 Shades of Grey’. Since then, there has been a surge in demand for such writing. And people are becoming increasingly open about their love for all things erotic.

But what makes people want to read erotic fiction in the first place?

It’s a great de-stressor

This goes for reading in general too. But reading about the sexual exploits of fictional characters can be pretty enthralling. It will have you forgetting all about your own problems for a while. Reducing high-stress levels and all of the negative health effects that come with them.

Real life sex can’t compare

Sex in real life is. Well… real.

That means it’s not always perfect. Not always dangerous and exciting. And sometimes, not even all that pleasurable. If we’re being honest, it can be kind of an anticlimax at times.

With an erotic book, you know what you’re going to get. And it’s usually all of the above. It can certainly take the ‘anti’ out of ‘anticlimax’.

It can spark the imagination

There comes a time in most relationships, when there might be room to spice things up a little in the bedroom department.

And let’s face it. The authors of erotic novels have impressive imaginations. And reading about exciting sex could provide you with the inspiration you need to get creative between the sheets (or elsewhere, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling).

It can boost your self-confidence

While constantly being bombarded with perfect looking celebs in magazines might leave you feeling inferior. And daily life might be getting you down.

Reading erotic stories could lead you back to that side of yourself. Reminding you that you are a sensual, sexual being. And that’s always a nice thing to realize about yourself.

It lets you live out unrealistic fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies. But not everyone can (or should) bring them to life.

Sex with your teacher for example. Very illegal. But you can still indulge that fantasy through the power of erotica.

It’s readily available

Books are there whenever you need them. If you’re in the mood, but your partner is unavailable. It’s easy to just reach for a piece of erotic writing to help you to scratch that itch.

While men turn to porn sites when they want to indulge in a little self-love. Women are more likely to delve into an erotic book. Why? Men are more visual, while women need the more varied stimulation that is depicted in erotic writing to be turned on.

Whether it’s down to more people using electronic devices to secretly read such books in public. Or we’re just more open about our love of sex than we ever have been before. Erotic fiction is here to stay. And that’s no bad thing.

Why do you read steamy romance books?